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  • Interlink is founded with the creation of MITS
  • IIWeb product is launched
  • MITS Integrated Development Suite is launched
  • Transzip IVR/Recording service for medical transcription is launched
  • The recorder from Transzip is spun-off into an independent product called TxRecord
  • Transzip upgraded from analog to T1/E1 technology
  • TxRecord supports E1/T1 trunk recording using high impedance boards
  • The IVR from Transzip is spun-off into an independent product called TxIVR
  • TxIVR supports CT integration with Avaya CM
  • TxScreenCapture, a screen capturing solution is released
  • TxVideoConf conferencing product is launched
  • The entire telephony product-line is migrated to software platform using SIP
  • TxIVR/TxRecord supports CT integration with Microsoft Lync
  • TxCallVerify for Lync is launched
  • TxContact cloud services launched
  • TxSmartQ ACD launched
  • TxSmartQ – Added Omni Channel Support and Geographic Redundancy
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Most attentive, service oriented and responsive service with amazing support …

Vicki D Tardif
IT Business Relationship Manager, GTI

“ I want to take this time to really thank you and your team for all of your support on the initial launch and continued support of Good Technologies Account! You are truly outstanding Service Providers and we really appreciate doing business with you. ”

Holly Schadt
Network Administrator & EDI Coordinator
Byrne Dairy, Inc.

“ It has been great working with Interlink’s team. Their knowledgeable staff has gained Byrne Dairy a step into the future in regards to our farms. The new TxIVR system has allowed us to be a more competitive choice and has streamlined the test results process. Their customer support is excellent and we look forward to working with them in the future. ”

Tanya Yerevanian
Manager, Global Managed Services
PETCO Animal Supplies, Inc.

“ It has been a sincere pleasure working with Interlink over the past two years. They have assisted PETCO with a few important projects and are always very helpful, informative and deliver great results on time. Not only are they great partners but experts in their line of work which is very reassuring for our ever growing and changing company. I look forward to many more years of working together. ”

Kathy Arrastia
Customer Care Center Manager

“ Interlink has provided Praxair with excellent customer service over the past two years. Interlink truly partners with us to understand our business requirements and produce quality results. Interlink is always readily available to assist us with any support issues and has taken us to the next level with our technological capabilities. The Interlink team always finds a way to “make it happen” for Praxair. ”

David McCarty
CEO, e-Transcription Xpress Inc.
Denver, CO

“ I have been using Interlink’s TransZip infrastructure for the past five and a half years and have been extremely happy with it. Interlink has provided amazing support to not only my organization but also to my clients. The staff at Interlink is always available and extremely prompt. It is so nice to be able to have complete trust in Interlink so I can focus on my core business which is the transcription side of things and not the technology behind it. Thanks Interlink ! ”

Jeff Hoy
Interface Analyst, Huntsville Hospital Systems
Huntsville, Alabama

“ Huntsville Hospital has been using MITS for 18+ years now. With over 86 interfaces currently in production, reliability is a must. I cannot over-emphasize how stable and dependable MITS has performed over the years. It runs 24×7 without any problems. The Interlink support (should you need it) is also outstanding. ”

P. Bobby Dey, M.D.
Vice President, The Center for Pain Management, LLC
Baltimore, MD.

“ TransZip is the most attentive, service oriented and responsive dictation service. Its these attributes that make you guys the BEST dictation service we have ever had… ”

Brenda Joubert
Project Leader Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates
Boston, Massachusetts

“ We have used the MITS application for more than 17 years with over 70 interfaces and have never experienced system downtime. The flexibility and functionality it provides allows us to manage the complex interfaces between our many systems. Interlink is an exceptional vendor that provides a level of support that is difficult to find elsewhere. ”

Jerry Langton
Senior IT Project Manager/PMP

“ It has been a pleasure to work with the Interlink team. Our growing business requirements are met by professionals with a determination to excel and the technical expertise to deliver. They have a very responsive team and the service is excellent. I look forward to our continued partnership and future projects. ”

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iPhone & iPod touch

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Windows Version: 4.0

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Windows Version: 3.9H

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Macintosh Version: 1.2.2

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Windows Version: 2.0

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Windows Version: 3.0

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TransFTP Personal

Windows Version: 3.0

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TransFTP Personal

Windows Older Version

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MITS Remote Monitor

Latest Release November 2010

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Latest Release Version: 0.0.4

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Latest Release Version: 0.0.1

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